Design on the left for Wolf Moon Wine, NY. Design in the center was made for Raw & Complex carpentry in NYC. Design on the right for The Box party at Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan, NY.

Pattern on the left for Neon Fur. Pattern in the center for Sparkle Cookie. Pattern on the right for Raw & Complex.

Design on the left for the street vendor project. Designs on center and right for the brand Olas, Peru.

Logo design for Silver Thorn, a CBD startup from NYC. Design on the center for La Mariposa, great restaurant in Spain.  Monochrome design on the right for Boats 4 Sale magazine, NY.

3 poster designs I made for the Slow Pulse project.

3 poster designs.

3 poster designs for the Slow Pulse project.

Formas. Background screen saver.

Screen shots of some of the motion graphics I do.

I’m starting a mini film fest in the hood.

More to come!…