Some fun fun fun!

A collab for the Sex Militant project.

A collab with the Ne0n Fur Collective.

This trippy video I made for one song from the solo project album of David Rata.

2 years ago my friend asked me if I can take over this crazy project called “Nuke York: Eat the rich on LSD” a punk rock mondo film so I did the full editing in my free time and finally this year it came out! Here is the trailer which I didn’t do.



These 2 short videos I put together for my Instagram account are about the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with punk music in the background.

Video on the left is a short video I did for Peta that was featured on TMZ. Video on the right is a short video gif collage for my Instagram. I like to edit gifs.

The video on the left is a quick edit of ufo’s  chilling on earth.  Vid on the right it’s my boy living punk in the near future.

I made this video two years ago for Schizophrenia Awareness Day on May 24th.

One of the many crazy shows I filmed and edited.

I’ll be uploading more videos soon!